Christmas Bird Count Series – Steve’s little adventure: CBC #1 – Middle Fork River Valley (East-Central Illinois) – 14 December 2014


I first started helping on Christmas Bird Counts (CBCs) in the winter of 1978-79. My cousin Jim Bailey and I helped on Marilyn Campbell’s Forest Glen CBC which she had been running for about ten years. Gradually I tacked on helping on a count here and a count there. Then in 1984, I decided that there was a lot of great land in the northern part of my home county of Vermilion that would make for a great 2nd Christmas Bird Count circle in the county. So, after an initial strategy meeting with fellow birding friends from Vermilion County Dave Watson and Jim Smith in a Danville restaurant, it was decided to come up with a new count circle.

Jim Smith & S. Bailey @ 2009 Middlefork CBC compilation

Longtime birding pal Jim Smith and I at the 2009 Middlefork CBC compilation.

The Forest Glen CBC circle came north to the southern edge of Danville, right about where I-74 passes…

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Nikon L35AF Pikaichi – Camera Review

Casual Photophile

Nikon Pikaichi L35AF Review

Photophiles in the 1980s enjoyed a camera industry that was in the midst of a surge toward greater automation, ease of use, and affordable quality. At the head of this surge was Canon, a masterful designer of sophisticated and desirable machines for border-line enthusiasts and amateur snappers. Not one to play catch-up, Nikon quickly launched their own point-and-shoot, the L35AF.

This machine was everything consumers wanted. Small, durable, simple, and affordable, it also offered something many of its competitors lacked; a truly excellent lens. Marketed by Nikon as a superb do-it-all piece of glass, the 35mm was fairly quick and deceptively simple. Nikon’s new lens combined with a number of automatic features, including Nikon’s first-ever auto-focus system in a compact camera. Add to the package automatic metering, automatic aperture control, automatic pop-up flash, and automatic film wind, and it was clear that the L35AF was looking to usher in a new era of automated Nikon compacts. This…

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